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08/11/2009 - 8:33 PM

Dude....what is your malfunction?

Hi, my name is Erianne...and it's been 8 days since my last post...

A lot has gone on in my little world in the past 8 days. Let's see...

We kicked Bill out of the coven on Thursday (the 6th) because of his attendance and for not participating in any of our community service projects in the 8 months he spent with the coven. The end of his 90 day probation extension was coming up on August 14th, so we took a formal vote on Monday (the 3rd) as to whether or not we should offer him a coven contract. It was a unanimous 'no', so I had Saoirse draft a formal letter to him. We didn't tell him that it was a unanimously negative outcome...we simply stated that we were unable to reach a unanimous affirmative vote as required by the bylaws. He seemed to take it rather well when we explained that we would be more than willing to reconsider should he find himself in a better position to devote more time and energy to the coven in the future. He wrote us quite a nice 'thank you and goodbye' email later that same night.

A major reason that there have been no posts is that my computer shot craps. I originally thought that a virus had found it's way past my anti-virus program, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. My CPU was in the process of dying, so I had to get a new computer...with Dad's help of course. No way could I afford that type of expense on my own.

Well, if it had to crap out on me, it picked the perfect time to do it. Tax-free weekend here, lovely sales at Best Buy on computer equipment and software...I was able to get a tip-top computer (perfect speed and graphics for gaming...woo hoo!) and the latest Microsoft Office suite for $480.

I didn't lose much in the major malfunction because I had just about everything backed up on the external hard drive....just about. I lost the two most important things on my computer...

My address book and calendar.

My life was on that calendar...literally. All my notes about Jo's stroke and recovery, all the notes and attendance records for coven classes and rituals, project timelines...everything I can't replace or recreate.

Oh well...

Oblah dee, oblah da, life goes on...yeah...
La la la la life goes on.

Let's see...what else happened...

We had a lovely full moon ritual after Bill left that night. We had our annual 'dance to the moon' ritual, which was invigorating and beautiful as always. So much so that the coven decided, as a whole, that we will now be holding that ritual once every 3 months instead of once a year.

Isla decided to join the Facebook revolution. She had thought that it was just people "out there" that were on there, but after finding out that everyone else in the coven was on Facebook, she decided that she had to join as well.

Another mafia, pirates, sorority, farm and yoville crew member for me!

Oh, before I forget, if I had your email address, home address and/or phone number prior to the computer malfunction...


Some of you have already responded to an email I sent out, but there are a couple of you (and particularly Ms. X) that I don't even have your email address to send an email to requesting the info. You can post your email address in my notes or comments section or simply email me at...

Yes, I am aware that I will probably be inundated (neener) with spam email for posting that, but oh well.

I think that's enough for now. I'm sorta tired of is calling me name VERY LOUDLY.


Mood: cranky from too much computer crap, but getting better every minute

To do: mafia wars, pirates, vampire wars, sorority life, yoville, yada yada yada

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