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08/21/2009 - 2:05 AM

Why do my exhusbands sometimes forget that they're an EX?

I finally found a reason to dislike allowed exhubby #1 to find me. At first I thought that this wouldn't be a big deal. He's supposedly happily married, 28 years have gone by since we got divorced, we're different people know the drill.

I have discovered that he is the same egotistical, sorryass jerk that I got rid of so many years ago. And he's still the one man alive that can push every single one of my buttons with seemingly no effort whatsoever...and seems to still enjoy doing exactly that.

It started with him asking for me to post photos from our life together because he has none of his own. Then it progressed to him wanting to discuss all the things that went wrong in our marriage. Now...this didn't really bother me because I knew he'd been carrying around a crapload of guilt for all of these years and I was willingly to talk about it so he could finally put it all behind him.

But last night's chat conversation was one that will stick with me for a very long time to come. He actually told me that he only cheated on me and got abusive because he was absolutely convinced that I was running around and cheating on him every night when he was at work. Me...the young idiot that was absolutely devoted to him, killed my social life and dropped every one of my outside activities just to have more time to spend with him...

He made me mad, he hurt my feelings, he reduced me to a blubbering idiot.

I'm just glad that it was only chat and he couldn't see any of it.

I got very snippy with him, reminded him of a few harsh facts about our marriage, posted pics of my busted up nose, yada yada yada rinse repeat...then got off of chat.

Tonight he comes on there and has the nerve to ask me what I was thinking about after our "conversation". I told him that it was none of his business and I didn't feel like sharing that with him.

I had a wonderful day running around town with Jo, then a really nice new moon ritual with Saoirse and Tristan (Isla was really sick today and couldn't make it), and I WAS NOT about to ruin all of that just to satisfy that jerk's egotistical curiosity.

As you can probably tell from this rant, he did mess up my good mood...but he damn skippy sure ain't gonna know that.

I guess, every once in a while, I have to be reminded of the reasons why I divorced my husbands. Steve and Randy are both really nice guys...

As long as they stay far enough away from me that I don't want to kill them.

Don't really want to and wouldn't really do anything harmful to them. It's just that omg they know how to rile me up sometimes.

Tomorrow will be better.


Mood: um...yeah...I have one alright...just not a good one

To do: watch a bad movie

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