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08/31/2009 - 7:01 AM

Why yes, I am still alive and kicking, thankyouverymuch!

Saturday was the annual KC Pagan Pride Day event. We (JKL) conducted the opening and closing rituals, which went rather smoothly and much more nicely than I had anticipated...thankfully. Sheryl had her booth going...henna, facepainting and glitter tattoos. She and I both got really irritated upon learning that their was another...ahem...facepainter there. What was irritating, and a bit concerning, was that she was NOT a professional and was using ordinary craft paints to do face and body painting. Those paints are not intended for use on skin and can cause skin irritations and allergic very unsafe. Willow (the amateur) actually came to our booth to get henna work and was very visibly upset to find that Sheryl is actually a professional and a member of the local facepainters' guild, of which Willow knew nothing about. She closed up her table after finding that out...hehehe.

There were two charities this year...Harvesters and Youth Friends. The booth donations and silent auction proceeds are going to Youth Friends, an in-school mentoring system that's available in several local districts here. The total cash raised was right around $1400. Sheryl and I ended up with a total cash donation of $285...about 20% of the total donation. The Harvesters donations, however, were pitiful. The coven had decided to go ahead and donate the boxes of food that we'd already collected and earmarked (neener) for Harvesters...and it's a good thing we did. The rest of the donated items only filled up one Walmart sack. Quite irritating because we had several hundreds of people there throughout the day. If each person that attended had only brought one can of food, we would have had a considerable donation to turn in.

It was a good day despite the poor donations. I got to see quite a few old friends, including one who will begin taking Wicca 101 classes with me soon, along with her husband. Interestingly enough, they've been considering moving into the apartment complex across from the end of my street. How convenient would that be?

Yesterday was sort of lazy with a couple of interruptions by visitors. Aurora came over to pick up a check for PPD...Sheryl thought she had turned everything in at the event, but found a little more cash when she went home, so I just wrote a check to the event for it. She didn't stay very long though. She had taken the girls to a cousin's birthday party, so all of them were tired and ready for a nap.

Just as I was getting ready to go downstairs to find something for dinner, Steve called and asked if he could stop by. He and Dee have been cleaning out their basement...rearranging the kids' rooms in anticipation of the twins being born...and came across some stuff that they thought I'd like to have. He was right, of course. He brought me some complete sets of knitting needles...everything you could ever need or want for any knitting project. I'd say there's about $400 worth of stuff there.

Bonnie and any other knitters reading this may now be appropriately jealous. *grin*

He stuck around for a little bit to chat with me and Dad. It was actually rather nice...he's become a much nicer person since he got shot, had some nice chats with Kali during his coma, and has made many of the changes that she...ahem...asked for him to make. I'm worried about his health however. He's pushing 300 lbs and is starting to have some issues that are a bit concerning. He did actually promise that he would try to make some changes that would help and I do trust him to keep that promise. He's never broken a promise to me yet.

After he left, I made a HUGE salad for dinner that was very yummy. Lettuce, red bell pepper, green onion, mushroom, tomato, shredded cheddar, lean ham cubes, diced crab meat, fat free ranch dressing...the only things missing were hard-boiled egg (because I forgot to boil the eggs on Saturday) and cauliflower (because I forgot I had it). What more could one want in a dinner salad?

I think I'm going to do a water change on the fish tank, then get my dishes washed and clean the livingroom. I've been putting it off because I've had other things that needed my attention first, but it's starting to bug me now and I need to get it done.

I feel an autumn cleaning spree coming on. Time to declutter, deep clean and feng shui my living space again!

Oh, I've started on the exercise bike again. Right now it's only 2-3 days a week, 5 miles at a time, because I have to start at the beginning again. But at least I can exercise again!!

Have a great week.


Mood: I can feel the manic phase creeping up on me

To do: put that mania to good use this week

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