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09/02/2009 - 6:36 PM

Flu shot smoo snot

Is it possible for one to get the flu even though one has gotten one's flu shot for the year? If so, then what purpose does the danged flu shot serve anyway?

I've spent the past two days now feeling like warmed over snail snot. Running a slight fever (100 or so), body aches, all of my joints feel like I have advanced arthritis, low grade constant headache (no migraine, thank the universe), that lovely dream-like quality to my few waking moments, my appetite ranges from 'damn I'm starving!' to 'ugh I have to eat again?', and I have a lymph gland under the right side of my jaw and ear that's really swollen and hurts kinda bad.

I had to set alarms on my phone to wake me up at medication times, so I am getting that taken care of at least. I managed to watch a whole 90 minute movie last night without falling asleep. It was even a good one, too.

At least I'm not alone in my misery. My friend, Mikki, is also quite ill this week. I think she may be the root cause of this since she's one of the people I hugged quite a few times and spent some time with on Saturday. Wasn't that nice of her to share?

This, too, shall pass...quickly I hope.

I even tried to exercise a bit in the hopes of staying awake for longer periods...except that I got motion sick pedaling on the exercise bike. Bah.

Going now to do mindless things on Facebook...


Mood: yucky, cranky, queazy, blech

To do: as little as is humanly possible

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