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11/30/2009 - 8:12 AM

Surprise...she's back!

Yes, I have been seriously remiss (neener) about writing on Dland...this is the longest I've gone without posting an entry. Let's see...what plausible reason could I give...

My life has just been way too fun-filled and hectic.

My life has been far too boring and there was nothing to write about.

Ok, so this one is actually plausible, but no.

My fingernails were too long and made typing extremely difficult.

This one is actually true, but not the whole story.

I was being hermit-like and incredibly lazy.

Yep, that's the rest of the story right there.

We all know I have swiss cheese memory, so I'll just hit the recent highlights that I can remember.

My nephew allegedly got his best friend (and former girlfriend) pregnant on July 4, has known about it since September, and waited until right before dinner on Thanksgiving to tell his girlfriend.

Other than the aforementioned tension, my dinner went fights, no sniping, no food poisoning.

Bill and Nichole got married this past Saturday. All of the coven members were included on the very short guest list and it was a very beautiful, totally pagan ceremony. The reception was quite nice as well and I enjoyed hanging out with people I don't get to see very often anymore.

I had to do a treadmill stress test for the cardiologist. No chemicals other than the radioactive dye were involved, meaning that I had to actually push myself. Had a bit of trouble getting my heart rate up as far as they wanted, but all was well once they let me jog instead of trying to walk fast. Surprised the hell outta the nurse, but I managed to jog for the final four minutes and still live to tell about it.

Doc thought I was having too many angina attacks, so he gave me a new med to try. Can you say "wonder drug", boys and girls? No side effects as far as I can tell and not one chest pain since the very first pill. I am ecstatic!

Jo settled her lawsuit, but has yet to see any money from it. I don't even know how much she's getting since they have a nondisclosure thingy.

Coven is going fairly well. Aurora has chosen to remain solitary, but will continue to contribute to our community service projects. She feels that it's going to take her longer than a year to complete her work, but she and I agreed that we will meet when she feels she's done. We also agreed that she will definitely become a HPS as soon as we both feel she's ready...she has work to do far beyond where our small coven can take her.

Tristan led his first Full and New Moon rituals. They were excellent! Proud teacher moment for me, proud pagan mommy moment for Saoirse. For the Full Moon, he led our moon ribbon ritual. For New Moon, he did his very own nonsense ritual...our theme was baseball. We called bases instead of corners and then he led us on a meditation, centered around us playing a baseball game in which we were the batters, deity was pitching, and we had to decipher the meaning of which pitches we either hit or missed. It was very meaningful and his visuals were vivid.

I think that's about it for the big stuff that's gone on in my little corner of the world.


Mood: depression has been kicking my ass lately

To do: it might be time to try's been a while since I've done that

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