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02/28/2010 - 1:45 AM

More home decorating

Friday was a very fun day for me. I painted all the doors and doorframes in my living room. They are now fabulously white, nicely matching the freshly painted vent box...into which I also placed four new, shiny white vents. Either I just wasn't successful getting the old ones clean enough or they really were tan...I'm not sure which...but they certainly didn't match the new white paint.

One more thing crossed off my list. However, the wood paneling on the walls and sound-resistant tiles on the ceiling look mighty pitiful next to all this fresh paint, so I added those to the list of things to do later this spring. I did go ahead and do all the prep work though. I measured the ceiling area, figured out how many panels it will take me, and went to the Home Depot website to find and price what I want. I'm going to put up that water-resistant paneling that's designed for bathroom ceilings. It's already white so I won't have to paint it, it's cheaper than anything else, plus it's also washable.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with the walls. The wood paneling that's on there now isn't the kind with the shiny coating, so I could easily paint it. However, that would require moving most of my furniture since it's all along the walls, plus a shit ton of paint. I do love painting, but it will take three full coats, this is a really large room, and three full walls have paneling on them.

Another option would be putting up sheet rock and then painting. The only other option would be to simply replace the paneling with something I like better.

I haven't priced out any of the wall options yet because I want to get the ceiling done first, which is going to cost me around $200. I might take a trip to the Depot and see what paneling options are available though.

That's about it for my world right now.


Mood: tired but upbeat basically

To do: play on the computer a while then sleep

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