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03/03/2010 - 11:08 PM

My creative gene decided to wake up today

A couple of weeks ago, while painting the sunporch, the coven jump off the shelf and break itself into several large pieces on the floor. I found all the pieces and glued it all back together (mostly because I just love that's the only one I've ever gone out and bought), but I just don't trust it to be liquid-proof anymore. So it's now just a decorative item on our tools shelf.

*major frowny face*

We discussed it at coven, trying to decide what to do until we got another one. It was suggested that I really should just make one for us...making chalices for others is one of those things I love to do, but I've never actually made one for myself.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are pictures of the new coven chalice that I made this morning.

The first picture is the front of the chalice and shows our coven logo. The second picture is of the opposite side.

Aurora got off work early today and wanted to come over for a couple of hours this afternoon, so she got to be the first coven member to see and hold it. She said it was wonderful and sparkly and she predicts that the other girls will love it. I'm pretty fond of it myself.

It's VERY sparkly because I covered it in a fine, white mica glitter. Glitter is our friend, m'kay? We're all about the glitter and glitz here ya know.


The rest of my day was pretty good. I picked a few things up that I'd forgotten to get at the grocery store, then went out to drop off the food donations at CSL around 8:00 am. Came home, paid bills, then did some research on the computer while waiting for the various layers of glaze to dry on the chalice. I got most of the items on the to-do list checked off for today, with the exception of cleaning the filter for the fish tank...just wasn't up to that today. I didn't think it would be a smart thing to try and do a fairly gross chore when I'm already not feeling well from the sinus infection. Didn't want to make another mess to clean up, if you know what I mean.

8 more days of antibiotic and I'll hopefully be feeling right as rain again.


Mood: fairly good...still feeling icky, but my mood is rather upbeat

To do: vegetate...I've accomplished enough today

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