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04/27/2011 - 5:28 AM

Mostly Medical

It's weird trying to remember to write after not doing it for so long. I won't have my comment section back up until after May 3rd, so that kind of bites, but oh well.

Sunday was fun but tiring at coven. We made Beltane/May Day baskets, so Saoirse and Aurora brought their little ones. Three kids aged 5 and under...I love them to pieces, but they have far more energy than Aunt Angi does! Tristan is such a godsend really...he takes charge of the little ones without protesting at all, without even having to be asked much of the time.

Next Sunday is the annual March for Babies, followed by the lunch they provide to the walkers. I managed to meet my goal of $200 (thanks to my wonderful friends and family!) and the coven has already exceeded the team goal of $500 (we currently have $515 and donations are still coming in).

Then we'll be traipsing back to the house for our Beltane ritual. We'll have two Maypoles this year, one for the adults and one just for the little ones since they'll all be here.

I had a diabetes checkup with Kim (the nurse-practitioner at Dr. Martha's office) and she taught me more in one visit than Martha has given me in 5 years concerning my diabetes. They can now do my A1C test in the office and the results are back in about 6 minutes. My result was 7.9, pretty bad considering that we're aiming for she adjusted my meds. That's something I've always had to ASK Martha to do, she never just adjusted them based on lab results. I'm feeling better now because my glucose is sooooo much lower now. Kim went through a checklist with me, telling me all of the things I should be doing on a regular of which is getting a podiatric exam yearly (which I've never had). Even Martha never checked my feet, but apparently they're supposed to check them every time I'm in the office.

So I had my appointment with Dr. Frank (last name, not first) yesterday. He said my feet were pretty good, but wrote me a prescription for diabetic shoes to help with my neuropathy. According to him, the insurances should pay for it so we'll see. I'll make the fitting appointment and try...if they aren't covered, no big deal. Next week I see the cardiologist...I don't think he's going to be too happy with me. I stopped taking the Crestor and Zetia...due to seeing commercials about people with huge issues, I did a little research and found that they were the most likely culprits in some issues I've been having, so I phased them out. I've also had a couple of ER visits for chest pain since I saw him last, so I don't know what he's going to say about that either.

Jo had her first colonoscopy cancer, no issues...all good.

The food pantry is getting stocked up nicely, so all is good on that front.


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