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03/25/2010 - 9:29 PM

Happy Thursday

I went for my regular blood work and appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday. For once, he was absolutely happy with my numbers and exam. When I first started seeing him in October 2007, these were my numbers...

Total cholesterol: 294
Triglycerides: 643
HDL: 27
NonHDL: 267
LDL: 183

My numbers are now...

Total cholesterol: 187
Triglycerides: 233
HDL: 47
NonHDL: 140
LDL: 93

My fasting blood sugar was 104 that morning (about the same as most mornings now), so my diabetes is officially under control again.

He was even happy with my physical exam because my liver has shrunk significantly in the past six months. Which means that I AM losing visceral fat even though the numbers on the scale haven't seen a huge drop. I've stayed fairly consist at 158 over the past few months. It's nice to know that I'm losing fat internally though...that was the part I was really worried about, the fatty liver stuff.

It ended up that Jo did not break her wrist...she broke her arm (the big bone on the same side as the thumb). She's still in the temporary cast because the swelling hadn't gone down enough for a regular cast to be put on. She gets it tomorrow though. And she has to wear it for twice as long now...12 weeks before they'll think about taking it back off. She isn't too happy with that of course, but it's helping her with her diet and weight loss goals. She isn't snacking during the day now because it's quite an ordeal for her to open things like chip bags or boxes of cookies.

Sheryl has now started a diet and exercise program as well. She stuck around for about an hour today after our sisters' lunch. She wanted to see my treadmill since she's going to be getting one for herself. She needed to see how much space they take up (the space saver ones like I have) and gauge how easy it would be her to move around on her hardwood floor upstairs. She's going to put it in the corner of her livingroom and use it while she's watching TV at night.

That's about it for what's going on here.


Mood: tired and a bit cranky honestly

To do: watch a documentary about genetically modified food

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