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03/18/2010 - 11:55 AM

Don't disasters come in threes?

It's been a really crazy week around here...and NOT in a good way.

Jo's been taking roller skating lessons. It's one of the things we used to love doing as kids. Her best friend's kids were going to take lessons, so Jo decided that she'd try it, too. The lessons themselves have been going fairly well, but she ran into a bit of trouble on Sunday. They decided to go during open skate time and apparently there were several birthday parties going on. As Jo was making her way to the skate floor for a final couple of rounds, a toddler stepped out in front of her suddenly. In order to avoid falling on the kid, she fell backward...breaking her wrist in the process. And it's the wrist on her good arm. Life hasn't been too fun for her since then.

Then Sheryl gave me more bad news. One of her best friends has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thankfully, it's not malignant and is very slow growing, but it's threatening her eyesight and has to be removed. That means an 8 hour brain surgery...very scary stuff. I've been sending her Reiki and general healing energy...and I made her a very special tiara that has some healing properties worked into it as well.

On a good note, I am now free from the sinus infection and my carbuncle has been reduced to a tiny red dot of a scar in the middle of my forehead. Plus, I ordered a new exercise video that should be here tomorrow. I was watching PBS the other night and was surprised to see a program with three people working out. I was interested enough to stop and see what it was all about...that's not the normal PBS fare by any means.

It's a workout video for people over 50. There was the man leading the workout. Behind him was a family friend and the guy's mother demonstrating the various adaptations for fitness levels. I figured if a woman in her 70's could do this stuff, then so could I. So I got up and started doing the exercises. They were fun, very easy to learn, easy on the joints to I went to Amazon and ordered the DVD.

Tomorrow is the monthly sisters' lunch. We're going to Jazz for crawfish, but I'm not sure how Jo thinks she can manage to eat crawfish with only one hand (the shaky one) when she normally has trouble eating them with two hands available. It should be interesting.


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To do: water change on the fish tank, not much else

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