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08/03/2009 - 2:16 PM

On the road back to myself....

Lammas was short and sweet, yet beautiful in its simplicity. We gave thanks for our personal harvests so far this year, broke bread in community fashion (cutting the loaf in half and sharing with each other from one half of it), and feasted royally afterward. We ended by returning a portion of our half of the loaf to the land, then wrapping the other half to share with Mike and Jo, since they are both family and neighbors.

Saoirse made this ham, egg and stuffing breakfast casserole for the main dish, I made lemon rice, Aurora made broccoli cheese rice, Bill made cracked wheat and rosemary breads, Nichole brought blueberry muffins and a coffee cake, and Tristan made brownies. Scrumptious!

That was the last ritual that Nichole will attend with us since she has chosen not to finish out her Dedicant year. Bill will be attending the Full Moon on Thursday, but it will be his last ritual with us as well since the High Council has been unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether or not to offer him a coven contract. This means that he will be presented with the decision letter after ritual that night, will be informed that he will not be finishing out his probation extension, and will be told that Thursday will be his last meeting with us. He will not be told who voted for or against the offering of a contract, simply that there was no unanimous vote as required in our bylaws.

Personally, I will be sad to see him go, but his attendance record and lack of dedication to the coven have made me rather disillusioned and have caused me to question his reasons for wanting to work with my group in the first place. I hope he finds whatever it is that he's looking certainly isn't JKL.

Other than that, things are going much better than they have been for the past week or so.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.


Mood: improved a bit

To do: take more meds since it's a high pain day yet again

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