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12/13/2009 - 5:54 AM

Hello peeps!

Let's see...what's going on in my corner of the universe...

I spent 10 days on a very strong antibiotic for an ear and sinus infection. It didn't clear up either of those, but had one nasty little repercussion for me. It was so busy fighting bacteria that a lovely viral infection was able to flourish, so I've spent the past 2 weeks with peemonia...which is kickin' my ass. I'm only awake now because I coughed so hard in my sleep that I pulled a muscle in my back, jolting me out of my dreams and into tears.

I got the results of my stress test on Monday. Doc was very pleased! No angina, PVC's or other irregularities during the test, which also showed that I now have sufficient blood flow to the front of my heart, I have no blockages now that they can see, and apparently the 'bundle branch' that my body was building is complete and healthy. He thinks that my cardiac and diabetic difficulties were all caused by a genetic sodium channel defect...which the new wonder drug is dealing with, so I shouldn't get any worse than I already am.

Which is a good thing because my diabetes has been totally out of control for the past 4-5 months. My last A1C result was 9.0 (previous one was 7.0), so Dr. Martha has raised the dose on my Amaryl to twice a day and added Metformin in the mornings in an attempt to get things back under control and avoid the need for insulin in the future.

Our community service efforts for November and December have been quite rewarding and I'm very proud of my coven for how much we've accomplished. We ended up donating an extra half-barrel of food to Harvesters the week of Thanksgiving. Isla found out that her company has a matching funds program, so she collected money from the group for Harvesters as well...

Which her dad matched.

Seems he chooses a charity to give a holiday donation to and decided to support our charity this year by matching what Isla had collected...the total of which was then matched by her company.


We also donated money to and participated in Operation Christmas Child, sponsored by our local Chick-Fil-A. We chose an age range, then filled shoe boxes with gifts (for both a boy and a girl), which Aurora dropped off at the restaurant. We also made a cash donation via their website to cover the shipping costs (and a bit more besides).

We've also managed a very sizeable donation of items at least once a month to Big Brothers Big Sisters of KC. We get our closets and shelves cleaned out and they get items to sell to the local thrift store to support their organization. Win/win.

That's about it...what I can remember anyway.


Mood: my back really hurts but I'm in a decent mood despite that

To do: heat up my flax seed pillow for my back

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