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09/25/2009 - 8:43 AM

Blech...just blech

Just in case anyone's still reading this thing (when I remember to post of course), I thought I'd post pics of the tiara order I just finished this morning. I suppose I'll be delivering them to her on Monday.

Other than that, there hasn't been a whole lot going on around here...the occasional drama normal.

I went off on my nephew one night. He was making fun of his mother and me as we were putting together a desk. I jumped his ass, told him I was going to smack him if he didn't shut up, then changed my mind and said he could get up off of his lazy ass and put his mother's desk together himself. I slammed out of their house, causing some nasty words between Jo's husband and me.

This all resulted in David (my nephew) getting up off of his lazy ass and actually putting the desk together. It also caused Jo's husband to declare that I am now and forever banned from their house.

He said this to Jo because, of course, he doesn't have the balls to actually say it to me.

There has also been more coven drama as well. Isla is in charge of rituals this month and it has so far, in my opinion, been a disaster. I think she's forgotten everything I ever taught her. She was supposed to lead her first nonsense ritual for new moon. She led a 'themed ritual', which I had to point out was not the same as a nonsense ritual. It wasn't even a particularly good ritual either.

Then she led our Mabon ritual this week. First of all, we had Aurora's husband and two daughters there since I was performing Anya's baby blessing that night. Her husband is one of those jerks that think women have no intelligence simply because they have breasts and a vagina. We all know how much I just love guys like that.


They weren't paying a bit of attention to the toddler, who was running quite amuck the whole time. What really got my goat, however, was when I had to admonish (neener) her for spitting in the salad bowl on the diningroom table...we're talking the serving bowl here, not her own bowl.

The Mabon ritual itself was rather disappointing. It wasn't well thought out at all. Isla ran on and on about nothing in particular, to the point that I stopped listening to her. Mabon is our thanksgiving celebration, the second harvest festival, yet she droned on about lessons learned, failed crops, things of that nature...not what we were supposed to be focusing on AT ALL.

Plus she pissed me off on a personal level. Before coven even officially started, she and Saoirse were talking about food and they hit on a topic that actually made me a bit queasy. When I said something about it, Isla just made fun of me...and continued to talk about that topic periodically throughout the evening, knowing it was making me mad and ill.

Saoirse irritated me also. She's the coven secretary and has been reminding us for the past month that we would be voting at Mabon for coven officers, community service projects, etc. But did she bring the ballots? Hell no. So we had to wait for 30 minutes while she wrote out all the ballots by hand from her notes.

Even Tristan irritated me. I was working on one of the above tiaras when they showed up. Normally I don't mind people watching me work, but he kept making comments about what I was doing...pointing out things he thought I was doing wrong, etc. Like he would know anything about it. Then he went out to bring their recycling into the garage, so it was better. Until I found out, after they'd left, that he didn't put anything into the bins...just brought it into the garage and left it sitting there. Saoirse says that she's having the same issue with him at home...either doing his chores half-assed or not at all.

*sigh*...he's only 11...surely he isn't becoming a "creature with a penis" already. I thought that didn't happen until puberty at the very least. *sigh*

Again I come to rethinking the coven issue. When something ceases to be fun, interesting, motivating or uplifting...what's the point?


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